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  • Disc Golf - Spin Pro® discs make excellent putters (not for tournament play). Disc golf is a game based on the rules of golf. Players may use discs smaller and denser than an ultimate disc. The discs are thrown towards a target, which serves as the "hole". The official targets are metal baskets with hanging chains to catch the discs.
  • KanJam - This four-player game requires only a few Spin Pro® Discs and a couple of cans or large boxes. In two teams, players try to throw their discs into the opposite garbage can. Other players on your team can deflect the discs while it’s still in the air to try to get it to land in the can. If you just hit the can, you get one point. If your team deflects the disc into the can, you get two points. If you throw your disc into the can yourself, you get three points. First team to 20 points wins!
  • Beersbee® - Place poles approximately 36 feet apart or as desired. Increase distance to increase game difficulty. Teams of 1 or more players. Place target on top of pole, try to hit with Spin Pro® Disc your opponents pole or target to score points, one throw per team alternating. Each player must stay behind their pole at all times.
  • Guts - Guts is one of the first disc games to ever exist. It is an absolutely crazy sport that consists of player throwing a disc as hard as they can at you and your four teammates. Your team must catch the flying disc 1-handed by deflecting it off each other until it slows down enough to become catchable. If a catch is made it equals one point. Now it’s your turn to throw the disc at mach-5 at the opposing team for their chance to catch it. This disc sport is insane.
  • Cups - Cups is a great beach disc game because the sand makes it easy to set up. To get it started, you need four sticks and four cups. Plant two of the sticks into the ground roughly a foot apart, and then set up the other two sticks in the same way 35 feet from the original pair. Take your four cups and place them on top of the sticks upside down. Then, split into teams. The object of the game is to knock the cup off of the opposing team’s stick. If you do, you win a point. However, if you hit their stick with your disc, knocking off the cup, and the other team manages to catch the cup before it hits the ground, you don’t get your point. If one team manages to knock down both cups of their rivals, they win the game.



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