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What is it?: Spin Pro® Ultimate Disc Sport is the ultimate disc sport experience. New non-contact disc team sport healthy exercise activity based upon the well known friendly rules of Ultimate. See: Ultimate in 10 Simple Rules Mainly the scoring rules change offering more team play and multiple ways to score.

Game Play Time: Can be mutually determined at the beginning of the game.  Standard indoor play is 40 minutes with 20 minutes of practice prior to start of the game play.  

Play Where?: Play Anywhere!  Health Clubs, Pools, Basketball Courts, any play fields, backyards, beaches, etc.  Size of play area can vary with half way points and end zones defined. 

New Discs - More Capabilities:  Spin Pro® Discs offer advanced and easy ways to score based upon new throwing scoring rules.

*Spin Pro® Ultimate recommends the thrower of the scoring throw indicates the type of scoring throw “One”, “Two” or “Three” (corresponding with type of scoring level type throw launched).

The Scoring Type Throw Determines Scoring Points:  Normal Disc Throws to End Zone Catch is ONE POINT.  Under Disc Throw - Gear Grip (Throw like a ball!) to End Zone Catch is TWO POINTS.  Spin Disc on finger Throw (super accurate) to End Zone Catch is THREE POINTS

More Team Play:  Scoring throws must be released after the half way point of play (Throwing Release to Catch in End Zone).  This allows for more team play, throwing with precision (more ways to throw) and more fun!

Who Wins?  Team with high score at the end of game play time wins. (Everyone wins with fun game play)

Spin Pro® Ultimate - Scoring Rules

Scoring throw must be made after half way point on the playing area

This offers and encourages more team play activity prior to throwing, catching and scoring.

Scoring throw must be released after half way point to score.

Half way point should be marked and friendly play is always desired.

1 - Point Scoring Throw

Any normal disc scoring throw is one point.

Anyone can score!

Spin Pro® discs offer stable flight dynamics and soft on the hands to throw and catch all day!

2 - Point Scoring Throw

Spin Pro® gear grip under the disc scoring throw is two points.

Easy to grip from under the disc and now throw it like a ball - the fun and easy way to score with precision.  

The snap type throw from under the disc is easy to master and delivers exciting and accurate way to play and score.

3 - Point Scoring Throw

Spin Pro® spinning disc on finger disc scoring throw is three points.

This is the highest precision type throw.  Easy with some practice. Super accurate scoring makes it fun to watch.  

Takes more time to master and when you do...this will be your favorite type scoring throw!

Fun to try - fun to play and more fun to watch!

Ultimate - In 10 Simple Rules

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