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Spin Pro® Disc Details

  • Spin Pro® is waterproof and floats! Fun for the whole family. 
  • It is safe for indoor and outdoor play. Play Anywhere!
  • Team Play, Group Play and Individual Activity/Play.
  • More options and variety of play, throws and new disc interaction.
  • Spin Pro® just raised the bar - New Disc Technology - Upgrade Your FUN!
  • Throw with Precision! Unique, improved capabilities allow for amazing throws with accuracy.
  • Spin Pro® is easy to grip and catch as it's primarily made of soft and durable polyurethane foam. 
  • Spin Tricks (freestyle) is now easy with special "spin trick" areas - See Spin Tricks how to videos.
  • Spinning disc on finger "throw" is amazingly accurate (Three points if caught in end zone during Spin Pro® Ultimate).  This off the finger precision throw will make any pro quarterback jealous - See Throw how to videos.
  • The unique Gear Grip located under the disc allows for more accurate throws. Throw it like a ball with spin.  Now everyone can enjoy throwing with accuracy, Throw with Precision! (Two points if caught in the end zone during Spin Pro® Ultimate).
  • Healthy exercise activity (Health Benefits) for "Only 40 minutes of game play burns an average of 477 calories per match" - ACE Study. Spin Pro® Ultimate delivers more ways to score and have fun!
  • Stable flight dynamics is the hallmark of Spin Pro® Discs.  This is the most desired flight dynamic. 
  • FUN Feedback: "It travels with family when we travel" - Air Traveler
  • Spin Pro® can also be thrown like a normal disc. (One point if caught in the end zone during Spin Pro® Ultimate).
  • Disc sports and games (Other Disc Games & Links) definitely more fun using Spin Pro® Discs!
  • Excellent for improving hand-eye and hand-foot coordination and focus.
  • It weighs approximately 172 grams and makes it perfect for a windy or non-windy day of play.
  • "It's The Best Ball!" - Feedback from our youngest product tester (Throw like a ball with spin).
  • Spin Pro® is Created by former Wham-O Frisbee Disc Inventor - Steve Stark
  • "It's like a large Fidget Spinner" - We see that resemblance with individual play...but, it's so much more!  Find us on Amazon - Upgrade Your FUN! 
  • Please share and show us your favorite tricks, throws, and favorite places to play! If your video is selected to post on this website, you will earn a free disc!  Contact Us!

Ultimate - In 10 Simple Rules

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Beach & Pool Sports Disc
Throw with Precision! 
Upgrade Your FUN!  

Animated Trivia Challenge
The New Way To Experience Trivia!
Improves Trivia Recall of Amazing Facts!

By Inventor of Spin Pro®
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