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  • Spin Pro® is waterproof and floats! Fun for the whole family. 
  • It is safe for indoor and outdoor play. Play Anywhere!
  • Team Play, Group Play and Individual Activity/Play.
  • More options and variety of play, throws, accuracy, tricks, the Spin Pro® is Pure Fun!
  • Spin Pro® just raised the bar - New Disc Technology - Upgrade Your FUN!
  • Throw with Precision! Unique, improved capabilities allow for amazing throws with accuracy.
  • Spin Pro® is easy to grip and catch as it's primarily made of soft and durable polyurethane foam. 
  • Spin Tricks/Freestyle is easy with "spin trick" areas on Top and Bottom of the Spin Pro® - See Spin Tricks how to videos.
  • Precision Finger Throws are amazingly accurate (Three points if caught in end zone during Spin Pro® Ultimate).  The finger precision throws will make any pro quarterback jealous - See Throw how to videos.
  • The unique Gear Grip located under the disc allows for more accurate throws. Throw it like a ball with spin.  Now everyone can enjoy throwing with accuracy, Throw with Precision! (Two points if caught in the end zone during Spin Pro® Ultimate).
  • Healthy exercise activity (Health Benefits) for "Only 40 minutes of game play burns an average of 477 calories per match" - ACE Study. Spin Pro® Ultimate delivers more ways to score and have fun!
  • Stable flight dynamics is the hallmark of Spin Pro® Discs.  This is the most desired flight dynamic. 
  • Excellent Feedback: "It travels with family when we travel" - Air Traveler
  • Spin Pro® can also be thrown like a normal disc. (One point if caught in the end zone during Spin Pro® Ultimate).
  • Disc sports and games (Other Disc Games & Links) definitely more fun using Spin Pro® Discs!
  • Excellent for improving hand-eye and hand-foot coordination and focus.
  • It weighs approximately 172 grams and makes it perfect for a windy or non-windy day of play.
  • "It's The Best Ball!" - Feedback from our youngest product tester (Throw like a ball with spin).
  • Spin Pro® is Created by former Wham-O Frisbee Disc Inventor - Steve Stark
  • "It's like a large Fidget Spinner" - We see that resemblance with individual play...but, it's so much more!  Find us on Amazon - Upgrade Your FUN! 
  • Please share and show us your favorite tricks, throws, and favorite places to play! If your video is selected to post on this website, you will earn a free disc!  Contact Us!

PRECISE THROWING: NEW! The advanced ability to throw a disc like a ball with precision. Its unique Gear Grip design allows for pinpoint accuracy when throwing indoors or outdoors. The gear grip allows you to throw like a ball with spin. Now everyone throws with accuracy.  Freestyle/Trick areas on top and bottom of Spin Pro®.  Easily spin on a finger - also gives amazing ability for finger throws of precision that everyone must try! 

DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of soft, durable polyurethane foam that is waterproof and floats.  Excellent for any play environment - Play Anywhere!

EASY GRIPPING: The closed cell polyurethane disc - perfect for Beach & Pool! Soft comfortable grip for throwing and catching - Play All Day! The Gear Grip enhances control for disc flight and easy spin tricks/freestyle moves.

INDIVIDUAL, GROUP OR TEAM SPORT: Suitable for solo practice and mastery of spinning freestyle moves/techniques or group/team games allowing more accurate throws and fun anywhere. Any Disc Game is better with Spin Pro® discs.  Play Spin Pro® Ultimate the new non-contact sport that offers new and exciting ways to score!

ACTIVE DIVERSION: Provides a fun and engaging physical activity that also delivers a healthy cardiovascular workout for people of all ages and skill levels. Helps improve eye and hand coordination and focus.  Spin Pro® sports discs are pure fun!

Spin Pro® Ultimate - Scoring Rules

Scoring throw must be made after half way point.

This offers and encourages more team play activity prior to throw, catch and score.

Scoring Throw must be released after half way point to score.

Half way point should be marked and friendly play is always desired.

1 - Point Scoring Throw

Any normal disc scoring throw is one point.

Anyone can score!

Spin Pro® discs offer stable flight dynamics and soft on the hands to throw and catch all day!

2 - Point Scoring Throw

Spin Pro® gear grip under the disc scoring scoring throw is two points.

Easy to grip from under the disc and now throw it like a ball - the fun and easy way to score with precision.  

The snap type throw from under the disc is easy to master and delivers exciting and accurate way to play and score.

3 - Point Scoring Throw

Spin Pro® spinning disc on finger disc scoring throw is three points.

This is the highest precision type throw.  Easy with some practice. Super accurate scoring makes it fun to watch.  

Takes more time to master and when you do...this will be your favorite type scoring throw!

Fun to try - fun to play and more fun to watch!

Spin Pro® Disc - On Amazon

Beach & Pool Sports Disc
Throw with Precision! 
Upgrade Your FUN!  

Animated Trivia Challenge
The New Way To Experience Trivia!
Improves Trivia Recall of Amazing Facts!

By Inventor of Spin Pro®
Animated Trivia VS. Plain Text Trivia

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