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Score Discs® creates award winning products and advancing play technology for everyone. 

Spin Pro® Discs created by Steve Stark (former Wham-O® Frisbee® Disc Inventor) and Spin Pro® Ultimate Disc Sport

Score Discs Corp.

Brands:  Spin Pro® and Score Discs® 


Inventor/President Steve Stark

Phone: 763-670-5923

Email - Steve@PlaySpinPro.com

Mora, MN

About Steve Stark - Award Winning inventor 

Top Summer Toys 2023 Award Winner by Toy Insider (leading toy industry publisher)

Owner/Author/Creator of Animated Trivia - Animated Trivia Challenge (Download today: Google Play - Apple Store) FREE GAME- 100% OFFLINE GAME PLAY - TAKE THE CHALLENGE!!!


Former NASA TECH BRIEF'S Worldwide Contest Judge 

2009 Minnesota Cup Business Plan Competition Semi-Finalist - Clean Technologies Division

NASA TECH BRIEF'S Grand Prize Winner - World Competition 2007 

Voted NASA TECH BRIEF'S Most Popular - World Competition 2007

Worked with major brands in graphic design, marketing, sales. 

Created Animated Short Film - The Curious Alien Finds Earth (YouTube Link)

A Former Wham-O® Frisbee® Disc Inventor 

The ultimate disc sport experience

Spin Pro® Ultimate

More fun to play and watch - Play Today!

How will you score?

The fast growing disc sport Ultimate is on a whole new level of fun using Spin Pro® Discs!

What is it?: Spin Pro® Ultimate Disc Sport is the ultimate disc sport experience. New non-contact disc team sport healthy exercise activity based upon the well known friendly rules of Ultimate. See: Ultimate in 10 Simple Rules Mainly the scoring rules change offering more team play and multiple ways to score.

Game Play Time: Can be mutually determined at the beginning of the game.  Standard indoor play is 40 minutes with 20 minutes of practice prior to start of the game play. 

Play Where?: Play Anywhere!  Health Clubs, Pools, Basketball Courts, any play fields, backyards, beaches, etc.  Size of play area can vary with half way points and end zones defined. 

New Discs - More Capabilities:  Spin Pro® Discs offer advanced and easy ways to score based upon new throwing scoring rules.

*Spin Pro® Ultimate recommends the thrower of the scoring throw indicates the type of scoring throw “One”, “Two” or “Three” (corresponding with type of scoring level type throw launched).

The Scoring Type Throw Determines Scoring Points:  Normal Disc Throws to End Zone Catch is ONE POINT.  Under Disc Throw - Gear Grip (Throw like a ball!) to End Zone Catch is TWO POINTS.  Spin Disc on finger Throw (super accurate) to End Zone Catch is THREE POINTS

More Team Play:  Scoring throws must be released after the half way point of play (Throwing Release to Catch in End Zone).  This allows for more team play, throwing with precision (more ways to throw) and more fun!

Who Wins?  Team with high score at the end of game play time wins. (Everyone wins with fun game play)

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn or a seasoned player wanting to level up your skills, Spin Pro® Ultimate Disc Sport delivers more ways to play and score.  Our website offers a range of training and instructional videos to suit all levels of experience. 

Spin Pro® Ultimate

More fun to play and watch - Play Today!

How will you score?

Spin Pro® Created by Score Discs®

From the Creator of Spin Pro® 


Ready to take your game to the next level?

Join us and experience the excitement

Discover the joy of playing with Spin Pro® Discs and Spin Pro® Ultimate Disc Sport. Join our community and enjoy the thrill of freestyle disc moves, skillful throws, and strategic game play. Get started today and unleash your potential! Catch the Spin Pro® and Spin Pro®Ultimate Disc Sport News, updates, events.

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